UHT sterilization

Cosmetolab uses direct steam infusion in its UHT sterilisation process, because extremely short processing times are required for sterilisation at very high temperatures.

Unlike conventional heat treatment (tubular heat exchangers), steam infusion technology provides maximum protection of the product’s properties thanks to the very rapid build-up of heat, currently unrivalled in the field of heat treatment (0.2 seconds to take the product to its sterilisation temperature).

As a result, the product’s organoleptic, physical and chemical properties are retained (colour, rheology, fragrances, unctuosity, etc.) while all microbial flora is inactivated.

This direct heat sterilisation method can be used to treat cosmetic products with varying levels of viscosity, from low-viscosity (water-like) products to those with greater viscosity such as cream, gels and the like.

Similarly, when it comes to protecting a product’s sensitive compounds, cooling is another critical step. Using flash cooling technology, the product can be cooled in tenths of a second ; as there is no inertia, processing is possible within the second.